Day: March 25, 2012

GAFCON goes to England

The anti-gay contingent in the Anglican Communion will be convening in London next month. It will be interesting to see how the Church of England and the outgoing Archbishop of Canterbury receive them.

Welcoming doubters

In my experience, the nones are not rejecting God. They are rejecting doctrinal requirements that they no longer find believable, along with the rigid structures of many organized religions. For that reason, the rise of the nones may well be a new kind of spiritual awakening, one in which doubters are welcome.

The problem trap

Sometimes just recognizing the dynamic of the problem-saturated story can release people from its mesmerizing effect and allow them to stand outside of it. Other times, taking on a different perspective allows the leader to recognize that the observer they have been offers only one of many perspectives.

Fixing Adult Formation

by Derek Olsen The state of Adult Christian Formation in the Episcopal Church seems to be in a state of serious decline. The recent piece on the Lead about Books of Common Prayer or the currently anonymous Project Canterbury or MissionStClare or office site. Even the Episcopal Café itself—as far as I know—comes out of […]


Superman would not willingly walk into a room full of Kryptonite–it was more likely Lex Luthor would ambush him with it. Without her bullet-repelling bracelets, Wonder Woman is just as vulnerable as the rest of us–and how in the world can she discern the truth without her Golden Rope?