Day: March 10, 2012

Is Britain in danger of importing our culture wars?

Can public prayer be prayed at local government meetings in England? Given the establishment status of the Church of England and its active role in Her Majesty’s government you’d think the answer was an unqualified yes. But in a small community in England, a ban on public prayer at town council meetings has sparked a row over whether or not there should be limits.

Card-counting evangelism?

A group of young Christians from Seattle formed the nucleus of an organization that worked to raise money by winning casino games of blackjack. Using a technique called “card counting” they traveled across the country racking up millions in winnings.

A letter to Paul

Dear Paul, I would normally start a letter with pleasantries like “How are you? Hope all is well with you.” I’ve read your letters and notice you have a formula for greeting those to whom you write, but it’s as alien to me as mine would be to you so we’ll dispense with that for now, if you don’t mind. The passage above causes me a lot of angst.