Day: March 9, 2012

Lent: the app?

Today, we have looked at the good and the ugly at the intersection of the interwebs and the church. Now it’s time for the silly.

How “Kony” went viral

News of The Lord’s Resistance Army, its leader, Joseph Kony, and their brutal tactics, including using kidnapped children as soldiers have been around for years. This week a video and an intense social media campaign brought the story to life in a big way.

Vatican and other church websites hacked

Religious websites have been the target of denial-of-service attacks or outright vandalism. Yesterday the official website for the Vatican was knocked off the air with other sites carrying messages claiming it was work of a loose-knit group known as “Anonymous.”

Companion Relationships as an Instrument of Unity

As the Fifth Instrument, Companion Relationships reinforce our relationships as family around the Communion. We might simply take for granted that we are in covenant with each other even without a word being written, a synod taking a vote or an archbishop making a declaration, a signature being affixed.