Day: March 5, 2012

Punk drummer turns priest

Christianity and punk rock aren’t typically found in the same sentence – let alone the same mosh pit. But for the Rev. Bertie Pearson, an Episcopal priest and former punk-rock drummer, they’re totally compatible. “They’re both about a hopeful vision for the world,” he says. “A rejection of materialism and inequality and injustice. They’ve shaped my whole moral value system.”

TEC budget: Complain here, constructively, of course

The Program Budget and Finance Committee, which is charged with producing the budget that will be voted on at the General Convention, is setting up a website that will offer, among other things, an opportunity to offer one’s opinion to PB&F members on the draft budget that has been prepared by Executive Council.

Showing up

When I ponder this data, what comes to mind for me is how I’ve seen many people over the years in churches that have experienced a difficulty in the shared life of the congregation and are not particularly happy, but hang in there and stick it out.