Day: March 2, 2012

Discussing faith and belief

Andrew Marr on BBC 4 discusses the nature of faith and belief with Jonathan Safran Foer, Richard Holloway, Karen Armstrong and Helen Edmundson, who all live outside of their traditional faiths and in the agnostic middle ground.

Using our money as if God was watching

Tithing is generally understood as giving back for God’s work ten percent of one’s income? But what counts as income? The IRS has tons of rules about that. But not the Mormons. Instead, they ask a simple question: “am I cheating God?”

Final order in the Diocese of Virginia vs. CANA

Here is the text of the final order that was handed down yesterday by the Fairfax Circuit court denying reconsideration and ordering the conveyance of all real and personal property to the Diocese of Virginia by April 30, 2012.