Day: March 1, 2012

Basketball tip-off rescheduled to honor Jewish Sabbath

The Wall Street Journal reports: Robert M. Beren Hebrew Academy’s basketball team won its regional championships to advance to a semifinal game in Dallas, scheduled for Friday at 9.m. The Jewish Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday evening and ends at nightfall on Saturday, and the team strictly observes it.

Viral photo of Marine homecoming continues to spark reaction

What is more natural than falling into the embrace of your beloved upon returning from a tour of duty? Friend David Lewis snapped a picture of Marine Sgt. Brandon Morgan’s homecoming into the arms of Dalan Wells, and the picture has gone viral around the world through Facebook and Twitter.

Hope in the wilderness

The desert is the home of despair. And despair, now, is everywhere. Let us not think that our interior solitude consists in the acceptance of defeat. We cannot escape anything by consenting tacitly to be defeated. Despair is an abyss without bottom. Do not think to close it by consenting to it and trying to forget you have consented. ~Merton