Day: February 24, 2012

Covenant videos critiqued

Now that IASCUFO has decided to make a case for the Anglican Communion Covenant to the average Anglican in the pew, it’s clear that they were never really prepared to make the case in the first place.

Williams and Dawkins debate belief in God.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams did what he does best when he met Richard Dawkins Clarendon House at Oxford University for a debate about the existence of God that turned into a discussion about the efficacy of belief in God.

“The Lord is Near”

“The Lord is near.” What a gentle encouragement. Much of the intention of the many prayer disciplines is to create in us a constant sense of God’s presence. Classical spirituality calls it “recollection” — the state of being constantly aware of God and responsive to God’s presence. Some use the word “mindfulness”. A gentle reminder — “the Lord is near” — repeated over and over can help plant a mindful consciousness within us.

Love is Listening::Listening is Love

Just as the storm passed over us, in the final downpour with the wind still raging, he’d driven out to the beach. At first he just sat in the car, staring as the raindrops pounding on his windshield blurred the huge waves crashing against the beach. He wondered why he was doing this, or even whether he really would. Then he got out of the car, walked down close enough that he could feel waves shaking the land and he started to pace back and forth, shouting the psalm.