Day: February 21, 2012

Anti-science threatens the world

Rosling, pointing to charts showing how human populations changed with technology and how without science the majority of a family’s children die, said it is naive to think that humanity can easily go backward in history.

Band of bloggers tilting at the Covenant windmill

Of fifteen English dioceses that have voted to date, ten have voted against the Covenant. This gives the Coalition a significant tactical advantage. To have the Covenant return to General Synod for a final vote, it has to be approved by 23 of the Church of England’s 44 dioceses. However, defeat in 22 dioceses in enough to derail it. Thus the Covenanters need to win 18 of the 29 dioceses remaining, while the Covenant’s opponents only need another 12.

Diocese of Rhode Island closes cathedral

Parishioners of the cathedral church, the seat of Bishop Geralyn Wolf, learned the news on Sunday from the Right Rev. David Joslin, the cathedral’s interim dean, and Deacon Barbara May-Stock, during the parish’s annual meeting on North Main Street

Obama is the most explicitly Christian President

Jesus did, however, say that we should care for the “least of these” and to “render, therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s.” Christians can disagree on how to care for the “least of these” or how to “render under Caesar,” but they should be united in the commitment to work toward the fulfillment of these commandments.