Day: February 20, 2012

A good faith effort from the Diocese of Lexington

Resolved that a Special Commission on Mission Structure and Strategy be created, the composition of which shall include the chairs of the Standing Committee for Structure of the Church, two persons appointed by the Presiding Bishop, two persons appointed by the President of the House of Deputies, and one lay and one clergy person appointed by each province of The Episcopal Church.

What are we feeding the spiritually hungry?

Does your parish offer any organized teaching about, exposure to, or immersion in any Christian spiritual practices? Lectio Divina? Centering Prayer? The Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius? The writings of the great Carmelite mystics?

Anglican Covenant: Due process and the lack thereof

In the words of the rule of law, there is no procedural due process and no substantive due process guaranteed by the covenant. The outcome is to be trusted and respected based on the persons/bodies making the decisions rather than a system based on how the decision is made.