Day: February 19, 2012

Better to laugh now: a ‘Simpsons’ appreciation

“The Simpsons” is not about striving for balanced presentation, or for all points of view to be fairly represented; it’s about taking shots at whoever’s standing there without crossing those invisible comedic lines called Too Far or Too Soon.

The changing evangelical view of abortion

When the Supreme Court ruled that women had, because of the constitutional right to privacy, to be guaranteed access to safe and legal abortion providers, it wasn’t a huge issue for the conservative American Evangelical churches. Their leaders had taken the position for years that the fetus was an “undeveloped human” and didn’t therefore have rights.


When we are faced with the presence of the Glory of the Lord, do we try to stare at it and burn out our spiritual retinas? Do we try to keep it all to ourselves by putting a box over our head? Or do we trust there’s enough there to share with the whole world?