Day: February 11, 2012

“One Town’s War on Gay Teens”

The town of Anoka Minnesota, in Michelle Bachmann’s congressional district, has had a rash of teenage suicides attributed to unchecked bullying against LGBT people in the community. Rolling Stone has an long, moving report on the situation, the background and the way the teens are organizing to try to save their own lives.

Malaria twice as deadly as thought

New research from the World Health Organization is showing that number of deaths world-wide due to malaria have been significantly underestimated. Instead of the 655,000 or so thought to have died in 2010, nearly 1.22 million died. That’s the bad news. There’s good news too.

Lord Carey stands alone?

Recently the retired Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey, came out publicly criticizing the bishops of the Church of England for their opposition to the government’s proposed welfare reform. Carey’s own history explains why he would do that. And also shows why he is increasingly a minority voice in the Church of England.

Albany parishes seek DEPO

Three parishes in the Diocese of Albany has begun the process to seek “delegated Episcopal oversight” (DEPO). In a twist, these are parishes looking for a less conservative bishop than Bishop Love of the Diocese of Albany.