Day: February 6, 2012

For Anglicans who want to avoid decisions

Returning from a General Synod meeting in York with a story to write, I once typed “The Church of England yesterday decided”, and fell immediately into a profound sleep over my laptop. I was entirely sober at the time. It’s just the effect that synod has; and I’m beginning to wonder whether this isn’t part of its real purpose.

Reforming General Convention? Or watering it down?

By design, General Convention is the largest gathering of the people of the Episcopal Church. This extraordinary opportunity should be used to empower and equip the church and its leaders for mission and evangelism in God’s world by creating a balance between legislative deliberation and a focus on renewal of the church.

Tweeting our business

[Tweets] are 140 characters long because that is the length of phone text messages. If you are not yet texting on your cell phone, learning to do that would be a good first step. If you are, then you are almost to the twitterdise.