Day: January 30, 2012

No one expects the you know what

An estimate that has wide credibility among historians is that about 2 percent of those who came before Inquisition tribunals were burned at the stake, which would mean several tens of thousands of people. The rest suffered lesser punishments.

War on Christianity? Not so much

Sometimes “war on Christians” rhetoric means conservative Christians who oppose same-sex relationships, abortion or contraception, or full rights for women, feel entitled to receive government funds, or government jobs, or judicial appointments, without anyone questioning the impact of those beliefs on the discharge of the official duties that justify the grant or the job or the appointment.

Save the twitter stream!

We learned this morning that a member of Executive Council has objected to Lelanda Lee’s tweeting of the group’s recent meeting, and that the issue of further tweeting has been referred the council’s Government and Administration for Mission Committee for consideration at its April meeting.

Executive Council roundup

I am concerned that the categories within the budget perpetuate the church’s continued reliance on an executive, staff-driven church. This model isn’t working for us, and it runs counter to the flexible networks that are being developed and embraced at other levels of the church and in the world. ~Bonnie Anderson

Little things

However, as we study the Bible, we discover God makes fairly good use of insignificant places, right down to using an insignificant place for the birth of the Savior. … But as it turns out, in the upside down world of God’s Economic Scale, bigger is almost never better.