Day: January 28, 2012

LGBT students at major Christian schools

What is it like to be LGBT Christian attending a major Christian University? It’s hard. There are lots of tears. And there’s no one to talk to as people are trying to come to terms with their orientation. If you’d like a window into the experience check out the new file “Let Your Light Shine”.

Executive Council pushes back on budget

Yesterday two competing budget proposals were presented to Executive Council. Today the members of Council are beginning to look closely at what was given to them, and reacting to what they’re finding. They’re not pleased.


The words “laugh” or “laughter” are mentioned a number of times in the Bible; add in “laughingstock” and it comes out to more than 60 times (per my Bible software), including 4 times in just this passage. In almost every mention of the word, the laugh/laughter context is that of scorn or derision