Day: January 22, 2012

Bill Tully says goodbye to St. Bart’s

His work here is done. With a congregation of nearly 3,400, up from a foundering flock of just a few hundred when he took over in 1994, the Rev. William MacDonald Tully, 65, is retiring from active duty at St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church on Park Avenue and 50th Street.

Worship for all of God’s children

Imagine you wanted to create a liturgy for children who simply couldn’t manage the demands of a traditional liturgy, even a child friendly liturgy. And what would you do so that the worship wouldn’t just accommodate their special needs but would communicate appropriately to them?

Too much of a good thing

It’s also important to consider that human nature reveals at times our “magnanimous” behavior isn’t always as magnanimous as it seems. I call it “The Mismatched Pieces of Pie Gambit.”