Day: January 21, 2012

Losing their church; how the young navigate

The Barna group published a study that examines why so many young people lose their connections to their churches. According to the data, the young Christians come to a difficult question or a complicated situation and they find the Church’s teaching lacking or in a number of cases, not sufficiently challenging.

Suppressed “Osborne Report” released

Issues in Human Sexuality(1991) has been treated as a discussion document by some; as the “mind of the Church at this time” by others; and as the “rule” of the Church by yet others…. The true listening process, called for by the (1989) Osborne report, has yet to happen.


One of the things we discover after we’ve grown in our Christian faith for some time, is that there will suddenly be a time that the words we’ve come to depend upon in the Bible, from the pulpit, and from each other in the gathered community, are also suddenly absent.