Day: January 17, 2012

Why we need diversity

Ultimately, diversity contributes not just by adding different perspectives to the group but also by making it easier for individuals to say what they really think.

Courage to date

So I said, “OK, why don’t we try this? It’s an assignment. Go on a date before the end of the semester.” Though the students got all excited about it, weeks went by. They talked and talked about dating, but they never did date. Only one student was able to complete the assignment.


Many are buying more Girl Scout cookies than usual (a buy-cott) to combat this campaign against the inclusive policies of the Girl Scouts.

95 CoE churches want to hold Civil Partnership ceremonies

“The 95 churches we have identified are the tip of the iceberg. Patience with the Church of England is wearing thin among lesbian and gay Anglicans and their friends and families. The church needs to learn to become inclusive and welcoming to all. We hope that measures will soon be taken so that individual parishes can opt into offering blessings and legal ceremonies.” ~Giles Godddard

And one more story from Martin Luther King, Jr Day

“We were vacationing in Virginia and stopped for lunch at an F.W. Woolworth store. There were no seats left in the ‘colored’ section, so we sat in the ‘white’ section. We sat for 30 minutes without anyone serving us. We sat for another 15 minutes. That’s when my mother put on her stern look that dared anyone to give us trouble. We got menus and were served.

When We Hear No Answer

So often when I see the grotesque suffering and senseless killing that fills our globe I feel like my prayers and supplications, with loud cries and tears, to the one who is able to save them from death are futile and hopeless. Nothing is changed. People die daily. Injustice abounds. For so many there is no escape; there is no answer.