Day: January 9, 2012

Fighting child sex trafficking

Leaders across the faith spectrum have been working to protect and assist victims and eradicate child trafficking. Human Trafficking Awareness Day is January 11.


We have a choice…we can pretend that everything is the same, that nothing has changed in the culture, that we are just the same country as we were in 1950 and find ourselves underwater and surprised, or we can practice rigorous honesty. We can seek the seekers and join the journey with all the gifts at our disposal.

Must the PB be CEO?

In commenting on an earlier item at the Cafe, Lionel Deimel asked: Why should our church be led by a bishop? I would feel very much better if our highest officer was a layperson. The Church does not exist for the benefit of clergy. Moreover, experience suggests that most mischief in the Church is initiated by bishops.

Is our deployment system broken?

The problem is that the median tenure of a rector in the Episcopal Church is about five years. The search process takes 18 months for most places. That means that many congregations end up without settled clergy leadership for 1/3 of the time. Those delays suck the momentum away.


Today may my words, my breath, and my being be one with the divine consciousness for which I was breathed into life.

Amanuensis and community

Thinking about the amanuensic process of how the Bible came to be, really opens up an interesting door in how we understand it. It means that from its very beginnings, this set of books that we come to regard as the heart, soul, and backbone of our faith, were forged in relationship with each other, even if these relationships carried a power differential.