Day: January 6, 2012

Not interested

Studies are appearing that reveal that there are significant numbers of people who are not only unaffiliated religiously but also don’t really care. Call them the not-spiritual-not-religious-not-interested.

Texas Supreme Court notes jurisdiction of Fort Worth case

On January 6, 2012, the Texas Supreme Court noted probable jurisdiction of the breakaway defendants’ appeal from Judge John P. Chupp’s February 8, 2011 partial summary judgment in favor of The Episcopal Church and the local officials and congregations of the Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth. The Texas Supreme Court will set a briefing schedule and date for oral argument.

Treasures in earthen vessels

by George Clifford Paul wrote in II Corinthians, “… we have this treasure in clay jars.” The context supports the common interpretation that clay jars connotes the human body. However, the context, written in the plural first person, also permits understanding clay jars as a metaphor for the Church, the body of Christ. What treasure […]