Day: January 5, 2012

More conversation from comments on The Lead

There have been some very thoughtful comments lately on The Lead as we think about the future of the church. In addition to sincerely thanking those who have taken the time to read and respond, we thought it might be informative to look closely at some of the comments.

Giles Fraser interviewed on BBC

Reverend Canon Dr Giles Fraser, who resigned in protest from his position as Chancellor of St Paul’s over how the cathedral handled its relationship with the Occupy movement, was interviewed in depth on the BBC Newsnight. (Watch the video here)

On the Universal Presence of the Word

What God is up to in Jesus, is the same type of thing that God is always up to everywhere, in and through the Word, namely pouring out grace, giving life, establishing justice, showing mercy, establishing and reestablishing all things in a universal communion of love.