Day: January 3, 2012

Prayers for GOE takers

The General Ordination Examinations begin this week. What was your experience? Stories of terror or humor? What strategies do you suggest for getting through the week? For test takers and spouses/partners? In light of the discussions about the future of the church what is your opinion of the Exams? Do you think the exams make …

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Food that Endures

Below the rough sea and daily bread, and beyond the wind, earthquake and fire, there is the food that endures for eternal life. It is food that is often given to us in the sound of sheer silence.

Behold, I stand at the door and knock

…we are reminded by word and ritual that God chose an indigent, young Galilean girl, … We pray for the immigrants facing deportation, for the women with back pain and diabetes, who need strength to rise each day and make two dozen beds. We pray for the children, for the church and its message of good news. We pray for the high school students fighting for a chance at a dream. We pray to live lives that are generous and just.