Day: December 15, 2011

More Tebow time

Perhaps as long as he team keeps winning, people will keep talking about Denver quarterback Tim Tebow and his rather open religious faith. Here on Episcopal Cafe, we already have three entries on him, all due to many people writing on him:

Room by Room

by Heidi Shott After dropping my son off at school this morning, I stop for coffee at the bookstore in downtown Damariscotta. Sometimes I see friends or acquaintances there and stop for a bit to catch up, sometimes I splurge on a double latte, but today, with just a dollar in my pocket, I get […]

Be patient with us sinners

We beseech you, O Lord our God, be patient with us sinners. You who know our weakness, protect the work of your hands now and in times to come, deliver us from all temptation and all danger and all the powers of darkness of this world, and bring us into the kingdom of your only […]