Day: December 4, 2011

Musical chairs, Café style

This is my last Sunday as the official Sunday blogger for Episcopal Café. It’s also my first week as the official Wednesday blogger for Episcopal Café.

A profile of Kansas Bishop Dean Wolfe

“Once at a youth soccer game in Lawrence, that ring caught the eye and imagination of a little boy. The boy was quickly disappointed when he learned the ring was worn by the ninth bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Kansas, not a Super Bowl champion.”

How doctors die

I cannot count the number of times fellow physicians have told me, in words that vary only slightly, “Promise me if you find me like this that you’ll kill me.” They mean it. Some medical personnel wear medallions stamped “NO CODE” to tell physicians not to perform CPR on them. I have even seen it as a tattoo.


How many times have we been stuck in situations where we have a name for what is going on, or we know what our feelings are about it, but everyone else tells us otherwise, or chooses to assign feelings to us, or project their own stuff on us?