Day: November 28, 2011

Breaking: Bishop Lawrence cleared by disciplinary board

The abandonment canon (Title IV, Canon16) is quite specific, designating only three courses of action by which a Bishop is to be found to have abandoned the church: first, “by an open renunciation of the Doctrine, Discipline or Worship of the Church”; second, “by formal admission into any religious body not in communion with” the Church; and, third, “by exercising Episcopal acts in and for a religious body other than the Church…

Closing churches

How does the church confront the fact that by any worldly calculus it has too many units, and this surplus appears to be driving up overhead and diminishing its capacity to spread the gospel?

Savior of the Nations, Come!

“Baptism is the sacrament of the extraordinary unity among humanity, wrought by God in overcoming the power and reign of death; in overcoming all that alienates, segregates, divides, and destroys [people] in their relationships to each other, within their own persons, and in their relationship with the rest of creation.” William Stringfellow, Instead of Death […]


An altar of stone, vows made, a ring given, the presiding priest introducing the newly married to the birds and the rocks and gawking passers-by. Bread and wine.