Day: October 27, 2011

Bonnie Anderson’s Opening/Closing Remarks at Executive Council

House of Deputies President Bonnie Anderson, in her opening and closing remarks at the recently concluded Executive Council of the Episcopal Church meeting, emphasized “…the essential role of laypeople and clergy in church governance and the Five Marks of Mission as a guidepost and measuring stick for our work in the Episcopal Church and the […]

Jesus and Abba

by Deirdre Good Inspite of the fact that scholars since 1988 have made it clear that Abba isn’t Daddy, preachers and theologians continue to assert confidently that Jesus’ address to God reflects a unique relationship, that of child to parent. This unique relationship, they argue, is central to Jesus’ teaching and distinct from Judaism. But […]

Prayer as the manifestation of baptismal grace

“Although the baptismal Christ and indwelling Paraclete never cease for one moment to work within us, most of us–save on rare occasions–remain virtually unaware of this inner presence and activity. True prayer, then, signifies the rediscovery and ‘manifestation’ of baptismal grace. To pray is to pass from the state where grace is present in our […]