Day: October 25, 2011

Tim Tebow: protestant saint?

Evangelical Protestants have historically opposed the idea of sainthood à la Roman Catholicism or Eastern Orthodoxy. A crowd of visual intermediaries, as the iconoclastic Protestant logic goes, could muddle the face of Jesus; the only image some Protestants will display in their homes and churches. But then there’s Tim Tebow…

Students take stand against racist Halloween costumes

Ohio University student Sarah Williams says she was at a Halloween party last year when she snapped a picture of someone in black face. “It angers me and it’s unacceptable,” Williams said in an interview with on Monday. So she and some fellow students decided to do something about it—and they’ve captured national attention in the process.

Construction Day

The rebuilding of the Jerusalem Temple that Ezra records is also the rebuilding of the community and its renewal after exile. The Temple restoration becomes a focus and a metaphor for the whole process of the community’s restoration.