Day: October 22, 2011

Evangelicals on immigration reform

Given statements at many levels of the Episcopal Church calling for comprehensive immigration reform, and the recent actions of Episcopal bishops across the South, it looks like there may be a chance for some new allies coming from the Evangelicals in America.

Update on Fort Worth

The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth posted a statement on this Thursday’s ruling regarding the ongoing property dispute with the breakaway parties headed by Bishop Jack Iker. The judge in the case has required the breakaway group to post bond and imposed injunctions to protect all the Episcopal diocesan property presently under the control of …

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Update on St. Paul’s, London

After asking the “Occupy London” protestors to leave the grounds of St. Paul’s Cathedral yesterday, the Dean and Chapter are now in discussions with the organizers who are refusing the request.

Finding stability in faith community

Faith communities provide a sacred space to share the joy and grief of life. Seeking time to connect with God and a faith community can help build a sense of stability even in the midst of an ever-changing landscape.

Rummage Sale Spirituality

But for me the experience was about working together in community. The fact that it was “for the church” was the bond: And in much of what we were doing here, we were learning how to be together, trying to be, truly the “church of Our Saviour” — which is also the name of our parish.