Day: October 19, 2011

7 weeks of Advent!?

Since when does Advent have seven weeks you may ask? For centuries of unbroken tradition in the Orthodox Church which keeps the Nativity Fast for the seven weeks before Christmas as it keeps the seven weeks of Lent before Easter.

Anarchic roots of Occupy Movement

Occupy Wall Street’s most defining characteristics—its decentralized nature and its intensive process of participatory, consensus-based decision-making—are rooted in other precincts of academe and activism: in the scholarship of anarchism and, specifically, in an ethnography of central Madagascar.

+Doyle of Texas joins prayer service for immigration reform

All of us have come to understand that we believe in a country that was founded on the principles of freedom and hope. People have come to us, legally and illegally, because of these very principles. They are here seeking living wages. They are here seeking life and abundance. And with that, we should make this nation worth of their search. It is our responsibility to speak morally and seek cooperation with politicians to find a solution.