Day: October 17, 2011

God dissolves into the Occupy Movement

The point of the OWS movement is that it is an embodiment not merely of a political ideology or social commentary, but also of an expression that gives the movement what many observe and experience as its spiritual quality.

Priest App?

An establishment viewed as a bastion of tradition is turning to a new app to encourage more “applications.” The app, says the church, is “designed to promote vocations to the priesthood.”

Finding your (fundraising) voice

“How can we persuade people to give more?” Not surprisingly, this is one of the most frequent questions I encounter in my work as a congregational consultant. Whether I’m consulting mainly on strategic planning, governance change, or growth plans (I rarely come in as a fundraiser any more), clients always want to raise more money.

Letter from Cairo

…as best as everyone can tell the following account explains what happened. Last Sunday, October 9, a large demonstration in Cairo of up to ten thousand Coptic Christians … was held to protest a church that was burned down in Upper Egypt (southern Egypt). Muslims also joined in the demonstration in solidarity with the Christians.