Day: October 4, 2011

Anger, Revenge and Jesus

Anger too easily moves to violence, or if we are too vigilant for that, it moves to resentment. It tears at us and eats us. And while we think that we are crusading for righteousness, we too often become the very thing that made us angry in the first place. But when we have really listened to our anger and responded to it with compassion, somehow it transforms in us.

Doing Good

There is a long history about religious people who do good, but their good acts provoke opposition from religious authorities. In today’s reading Jesus does two good things things, but he provokes opposition because he acts outside the conventions and customs of his religious heritage.

Religious leaders comment on Occupy Wall Street

UPDATED AGAIN: People are chanting, marching, placarding, camping out, leafleting, and standing as witnesses for a different economy, one that serves the flourishing of all, especially those “losers” in the global economy, instead of exploiting and furthering the gap between the wealthy and everyone else.