Day: September 15, 2011

Video: Alabama Bishops fight tough immigration law

Odyssey Networks released an exclusive story illuminating the issues from the perspectives of both the church and the state in their video “The Immigration Debate: Alabama Bishops Unite to Fight Tough New Law.” One vision seeks to dissipate the fear of seeking spiritual and material support for the “least of these”; the other seeks to […]

Grace is free

“The horos–the standard or definition–of Christian life is ‘the imitation of Christ according to the extent [or ‘measure’] of His incarnation’ (Longer Rules XLIII). Basil comes back repeatedly to this theme: Christ is the servant of all in his earthly life and nothing less is demanded of us. In a short treatise ‘On Renouncing the […]

Dwelling in Safety: A poem from the weeks following 9/11/2001, 2001

What are we neglecting in our scrambling for assurance and safety and control? What endures? What are the lingering questions. I think the poem still captures where I am with this, though it takes on fresh irony in light of the recent damage to the Cathedral. I hope it will speak, in this 10th anniversary season, to readers of the Café