Day: September 4, 2011


That weekend in September we had gone to Sandy Hook because I was dissatisfied with my life, and angry at having to live it, and to have summer end. We drove down through the long cattails, and I was unhappy because the beach that I love doesn’t have cattails. I didn’t like the boardwalk, or that the water was warm.

News about Proposed Anglican Covenant

Two New Zealand dioceses oppose the proposed Anglican Covenant, Canon John Rees says it is both “insignificant and vital,” and The Living Church takes No Anglican Covenant Coalition’s challenge and offers some reasons to support it.

Paul Jones

Reading for the feast day of Paul Jones, Sept. 4: Psalm 76 Malachi 2:17-3:5 I Peter 3:8-14a John 8:31-32 Bishop Paul Jones, one of the fathers of modern pacifism, is not a universally well known figure in our liturgical calendar, but his story is of interest in light of today’s highly polarized political messages in …

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