Day: August 1, 2011

Bishop Parsley joins suit against Alabama immigration law

Like Arizona’s controversial SB1070, the Alabama measure aims to identify, prosecute and deport undocumented persons. It empowers law enforcement officials to check the immigration status of people they lawfully stop and whom they suspect are in the country illegally and mandates that prospective employers use E-verify, the U.S. government’s electronic verification system for employers to check the legal status of potential workers.

PBS examines mainline clergy wellness

What makes the clergy vocation and occupation really different is that you work for God ultimately. If that work environment isn’t meaningful to you, you’re doing a lot of things like, you know, doing budgets or checking spelling on a bulletin, or office management, that’s going to really hit home, because you think your job should be about God.

The Church of England in all its glory and complexity

His predecessors are always referred to by their surnames: Ramsey, Coggan, Runcie, Carey, making them sound like the defensive line-up for a lower-division football team. This one is always “Rowan”. That may be the new informality. It may be because most of us only know of one other Rowan. It may also reflect a genuine affection. But is affection enough to save the Church of England?

Is Uganda’s “Kill the Gays bill” coming back?

We don’t expect Anglican leaders like Rowan Williams to be able to stop this sort of thing singlehandedly. But isn’t it clear by now that the Anglican Communion’s policy of treating those who want to ordain LGBT people as though they are more dangerous than those who want to imprison or kill them, has delivered us to an ugly place?