Day: July 29, 2011

Malcolm Boyd on what’s next

In an essay The Rev. Canon Malcolm Boyd, an Episcopal priest and an iconic figure within the civil rights community, reflects on how we managed to get to where we are today and what needs to come next.

Bishop Philip Duncan on Alabama’s anti-immigration law

The State Legislature in Alabama passed HB56 and it was signed into law in early June. It goes into effect on Sept. 1. This anti-immigration legislation has been described at the Arizona law (SB 1070) “on steroids”. Bishop Philip Duncan of the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast issued this statement today:

Mobs and Prejudice

In every generation there are those who would incite mobs to violence. They believe they do so in defense of something good that is threatened. Often, they are wrong.

In every generation there are dogs who only get the crumbs falling from the children’s tables. Who are they? How can we recognize their full humanity?