Day: July 25, 2011

Church grounds certified as wildlife habitat

Of the 142,000 certified habitats in the country, 427 are operated by places of worship, said Roxanne Nersesian Paul, senior coordinator of community and volunteer outreach at the National Wildlife Federation. The Hilton church joins just 21 others in the state of New York that have completed the certification process.

Presiding Bishop sees seeds of hope in the Congo

The Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori, the Revs. Margaret Rose, associate director for mission, and Petero Sabune, Africa partnerships officer, have been visiting the Democratic Republic of Congo and the programs of the church that are helping women and children to recover from the trauma of rape used as a weapon of war.

Polls shows support for marriage equality increasing

[National Organization “for” Marriage] (NOM) wrote the headline, Majority Does Not Support SSM, but they’d much rather have written, Majority Opposes SSM. That’s one of their favorite talking points. Guess, they’ll have to retire it — even the polls they promote don’t let them say it.

Politics and the Daily Office

It takes a strong political stomach to read the Daily Office. The scripture’s occupation with such matters implies that we too are to pay attention to the politics and intrigue of our own day.

Church of Nigeria attacks UN for “foisting vices as rights”

We regret that certain powerful well funded bodies use the rights issue in relation to HIV/AIDS to undermine the Church’s mission of promoting and protecting godly sexual behaviour in its work with people living with HIV/AIDS and vulnerable groups. . . . The Church must stand in the vanguard to resist any attempt to establish local or international platforms to foist societal vices e.g. homosexual behaviour, prostitution, etc as rights on others.