Day: July 21, 2011

Louisiana Benedictines allowed to sell caskets

Judge Duval wrote that Louisiana’s requirement that anyone who wants to sell caskets secure certain training and licenses is irrational given that the state’s residents are free to order caskets over the Internet. “Any Louisianan can purchase a casket on-line without the ‘aid’ of a funeral director,” the judge wrote.

Irish political class loses fear of the church

It would have been unthinkable even perhaps back in the 1990s for a leader of Fine Gael to go as far as take on the Vatican. But this is exactly what happened this week and it marks a significant, historic milestone on Ireland’s journey away from being a mono-Catholic state into a 21st European republic.

Social media and the Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church’s Office of Communications, in partnership with Monk Development, has produced a white paper on social media, that is available free, after registration. Entitled “Social Media and the Episcopal Church: A New Way to Tell a 2,000-Year-Old Story” it recommends six “best practices” for church’s interested in cultivating a more effective online presence.

Lutheran social services network shows strains over gays

“The ELCA’s departure from historic Christian and Confessional Lutheran standards makes it increasingly difficult, if not impossible, for the LCMS to cooperate directly with the ELCA national office in united efforts with doctrinal integrity.” – Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod report

Diocese of Connecticut cuts staff by 27 percent

“For some time now the diocesan pledge system hasn’t worked,” said Bishop Douglas. “The majority of our parishes don’t participate at the 12.5% level. Those that do, do so at great cost to themselves, particularly when they draw down their endowments to meet their obligation. While we are thankful for the generosity of the parishes that do support the diocesan-wide budget, the current system is unsustainable.”