Day: June 30, 2011

Christians issue evangelism code of conduct

Christian missionaries have long been accused of offering money, food, or other goods to win converts in poor countries, either from other faiths or from rival churches. Tensions have also risen in recent decades as evangelical Protestants have stepped up efforts to convert Muslims, which is a capital offence in some Islamic countries. This also prompts retaliation against local Christians who do not seek converts.

Disciplinary Board for Bishops formed

Eight of the bishops were elected by the House of Bishop at the group’s recent meeting; two were later appointed by Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori when vacancies occurred. The clergy and lay members were appointed by President of the House of Deputies Bonnie Anderson for an interim basis until the House of Deputies can elect at General Convention 2012.

Diocese of Pittsburgh restarts parishes

Beginning this weekend, the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh plans to re-establish congregations in at least three locations that have been without an Episcopal Church presence for several years. All three church properties are owned by the Episcopal Diocese and are either being vacated by the congregations that have been using them or have not been used for various periods.

Bishop Little on Ayn Rand’s influence in his life

Rand challenged me to reject sloppy thinking, to apply reason meticulously, not least when dealing with culturally mandated assumptions. But that very commitment to reason gave me tools that led, much to my surprise, to a critique of Objectivism itself. Indeed, Rand’s test of reason points to God himself.

Not the Archbishop of Canterbury

He had a letter of correction printed saying he’s definitely NOT Dr Rowan Williams: “I had to send pictures of myself to The Guardian before they would believe me and that I could be mistaken for the Archbishop.

The British are coming

Author, blogger, musician and theologian, Maggi Dawn reports: “It’s just been announced across the water that I am to be the Dean of Marquand Chapel and Associate Professor of Theology at Yale Divinity School.”

The Quiet Group and the Change Group

We now have four different generations and a major cultural divide between those people above versus below the age of approximately 45. While many of us understand that there are some differences in worldview, beliefs, and values, we don’t understand how deep they are and cannot really articulate the differences that affect church participation and membership.

Thursday, July 30

I will not allow my eyes to sleep, * nor let my eyelids slumber; Until I find a place for the LORD, * a dwelling for the Mighty One of Jacob.” Psalm 132:4-5 (BCP) altar the heart each night before sleep The Rev. Ann Fontaine, Interim Vicar,what the tide brings in. She is the author …

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