Day: June 24, 2011


With the birth of a baby, hope springs anew. What shall this little one become? What shall he see? What will she do? What changes will come? Hope springs anew. We imagine possibilities; we prophecy.

GAFCON in England

A number of evangelical bishops and clerics in the Church of England have established the Anglican Mission in England “dedicated to the conversion of England and biblical church planting” with the encouragement of the GAFCON primates. They even have a trio of Kenya-ordained English priests to serve “the wider Anglican communion” in England.

Chance encounters on the speaking circuit

Anyone who is invited to give talks or public addresses or lectures or workshops knows that one will encounter complete strangers as well as a few old friends. The nature of these chance meetings varies widely but, given that I speak about biblical matters, the possibility of deeply meaningful interactions is always present.