Day: June 22, 2011

Alabama churches plan march against new Immigration law

Leaders of most of the major church groups in Alabama have united in opposition to the new Arizona inspired anti-immigration laws passed recently. While most of the denominational officials have issued statements, there’s word today that some, including the Episcopal diocese have decided to take their message to the streets this weekend.

Unpersuasive arguments against releasing the report on the covenant

If the Standing Commission is of the opinion that passing the covenant would require us to make half a dozen changes to the Constitution and another dozen and a half to the canons, this information will overpower whatever context one attempts to put it in. In churchland, that’s front page news, and it isn’t helpful to pretend otherwise.

A common tongue

More broadly, each of us does have his or her own “language.” It certainly includes the various jargons of our many vocations and avocations, our jobs and our hobbies. It also includes the distinctive characteristics of our histories, our families, and our communities. Each pet name, each private joke from the shared experiences of spouses, families, and friends, helps shape a unique, individual “language.”