Day: June 21, 2011

Roman Catholic marriage rate plummets

The number of marriages celebrated in the Church has fallen from 415,487 in 1972 to 168,400 in 2010 — a decrease of nearly 60 percent — while the U.S. Catholic population has increased by almost 17 million.

World Refugee Day

This anniversary provides an opportunity to recommit to the protection of refugees as well as to work toward safety for those fleeing persecution and violence. The Episcopal Church has extended a compassionate welcome to forcibly uprooted persons arriving on our shores since World War II. ~Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori

Teens not seeking alternative religious paths

“American teenagers generally do not have negative views of religion; in fact, they have an openness and curiosity about religion,” and they “tend to reflect the religious beliefs and traditions of their parents and are not particularly interested in rebelling or seeking alternative religious paths.


With a poignancy that bordered on despair, he closed his testimony with the argument from Gamaliel that we read today from Acts 5.