Day: June 18, 2011

Bishop of Kadugli, Sudan fears genocide

If the world stands idly by this time, then Khartoum’s troops and northern-aligned militias will bring genocide in the Nuba Mountains. This would be the latest genocide of many in an attempt at a “final solution” to the Nuba, as in the Khartoum regime’s stated purpose of eradication.

NY religious leaders: opponents of marriage bill speak falsely

While the leadership of the Catholic church and others rail against the New York same-sex marriage bill, other religious leaders say “there are some among us who are using religion as a smokescreen to hide their intolerance, choosing to misstate the plain language of the bill and falsely claiming that it fails to protect religious practice.”. Among those is Bishop Prince Singh of the Episcopal Diocese of Rochester.

Discerning God’s presence in a secular society

A visit to Normandy, alive with German tourists, prompts a question: If a secularized Europe is on the cusp of a more perfect union in which they beat most of their swords into plows, what message does the Church have to proclaim? Do we believe only in some deferred, post-death form of justice or do we believe that Jesus’ message of love and justice will someday prevail on earth?