Day: June 16, 2011

Anglican Journal: Dissidents may want to “think again”

The properties are worth more than $20 million combined. The four Vancouver-area parishes voted in 2008 to join the ANiC, which includes three dozen other parishes across Canada and funnelled $1.3 million to its legal defence fund in the 2008/09 fiscal year. “We just have to find new places to worship,” Cheryl Chang, special counsel to the ANiC, said today in Vancouver.

Clergy, steal some sheep

We study the compensation and productivity of more than 2,000 Methodist ministers in a 43-year panel data set. The church appears to use pay-for-performance incentives for its clergy, as their compensation follows a sharing rule by which pastors receive approximately 3% of the incremental revenue from membership increases. Ministers receive the strongest rewards for attracting new parishioners who switch from other congregations within their denomination.

A clergy perspective on marriage equality

Marriage between members of the same sex reflects a new understanding of human beings and human sexuality. The law must change to reflect new truths, which should inform how we approach our scripture and tradition. In light of our newly formed understanding and respect for the experience of gay and lesbian persons, same sex marriage is a matter of civil rights, an increase in a fundamental freedom for a group oppressed by outdated, biased legislation.