Day: June 11, 2011

UCC minister turns Episcopal camp around

Camp Mokuleia just completed a million dollar renovation that is going guarantee its ministry as part of the Diocese of Hawaii for long time to come. To do this, the Diocese used its ecumenical connections to find the right person for the job.

Scottish Synod wraps up

The Episcopal Church of Scotland has been meeting in general synod these past three days. Most of their work would be familiar to anyone who’s attended a General Convention meeting: passing of budgets, statements of concern on various topics and decisions about the nuts and bolts of national church life. But one topic discussed is …

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The scene in Joplin MO

Volunteer workers have been making their way to the devastated region around Joplin Missouri for weeks. One volunteer worker, who blogs under the name of “Kirkepiscatoid” describes what her morning was like at a relief center just outside of the most damaged area of the city:

Bishop Scruton to retire in 2012

On Friday Bishop Gordon Scruton announced his intention to retire as the bishop of Western Massachusetts in 2012. Bishop Scruton has served 15 years in the diocese, having been elected in 1996.

Go forth for preaching

Contention cannot be said to be evil, when each disputes for such objects (as here) and with just reason. I grant you, if the exasperation were in seeking his own, and contending for his own honor, this might well be (reproved):