Day: June 8, 2011

Lowell named Episcopal Church fundraiser

Elizabeth Moulton Lowell has been named project manager for fundraising in the Office of Mission Funding of the Episcopal Church. Her position was announced June 7 by Linda Watt, chief operating officer for the Episcopal Church.

Change ringing in Georgia

Jay Williams dances with the bells at St. James’ Episcopal Church. He is one of 15 change ringers responsible for ringing tower bells that call worshipers to Sunday services, church events and other occasions.

Virginia church property trial phase ends

When both sides rested yesterday in the Circuit Court of Fairfax County, it marked the end of the trial seeking to return the seven remaining properties occupied by the CANA congregations to the mission of the Episcopal Church.

Archbishop of York discharged from hospital

The Archbishop was discharged today from St Thomas’s Hospital in London. He was admitted in the early hours of Thursday morning 26th May. Further examination two days later revealed a ‘nasty appendix’, and an operation was carried out to remove it on Sunday 29 May. There was a resulting infection from the toxins of the appendix.

The practice of “thank you”

For the past two weeks each night after I set the alarm and just before putting my bedside light out, I’ve journaled a short litany of specific “thank you’s.” Literally I begin each night’s journal page – “thank you God for…” and then simply make a new list, thank you’s for eight or ten specific things I’ve experienced or done or seen that day. I’m looking to remember that my life is blest, that all life is blest.

Source of light

St. Paul’s theory of evangelizing a province was not to preach in every place in it himself, but to establish centres of Christian life in two or three important places from which the knowledge might spread into the country round.