Day: June 4, 2011

Technology and Christian practice

It’s been argued by people this week that we’re moving rapidly into the realm of the cyborgs and androids, living lives that can’t be managed except by using technology. From always connected pocket computers, to a global web of relations, to robotic limbs and eyes, the future is breaking upon us.

Fed flag fans fight

The Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond Virginia is flying a rainbow flag in observance of LGBT Pride Month as a symbol of their commitment to “the values of acceptance and inclusion”. A Virginia legislator is calling for its removal arguing, in part, that it supports an act which he says is still a felony in Virginia.

Life in the neutral zone

Choosing a neutral space of “attentive inactivity” provides time to contemplate “the four Ds” endemic to transition: disengagement; disidentification; disenchantment; disorientation. Bridges maintains that honoring the gray in-between time of the neutral zone leads to a thoughtful direction.

An ecumenical council

As regards the initiative for the great event which gathers us here, it will suffice to repeat as historical documentation our personal account of the first sudden bringing up in our heart and lips of the simple words, “Ecumenical Council.” We uttered those words in the presence of the Sacred College of Cardinals on that memorable January 25, 1959