Day: June 3, 2011

UK organist has got talent

Jean Martyn, a 59 year old parish church organist at at St Mary and St Chad, Brewood rocked the house on ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent.

Enshrining gay exclusion in CoE

Do we really think that straight bishops have been challenged to repent of whatever they might have got up to at university, as it were? Of course not. And this double standard is a clear symptom of the fact that what is really going on here is prejudice, pure and simple.

Meeting real life

Scott Benhase, Bishop of Georgia, says that instead of grieving our loss of cultural influence, congregations can be places where real life is met and lived.

Bearing Christ in life and death

There is no doubt that the Son of God took our human nature into so close a union with himself that one and the same Christ is present, not only in the firstborn of all creation, but in all his saints as well. And so all that the Son of God did and taught for the world’s reconciliation is not for us simply a matter of past history. Here and now we experience his power at work among us.