Day: June 2, 2011

Thursday’s links

What if TEC was in a Commonwealth country?; breastfeeding and perceptions; exposure to anger and thinking; the worms of hell; ethics and Challenger; ethics and elevators; carbon tax in Australia; evironmentalists murdered in the Amazon; FRB-Richmond and gay pride

Is Kenya on the verge of a Gene Robinson moment?

If 80% of the public believe that a supporter of gay rights is qualified to hold the highest judicial office in the land, then which other roles in society can gay people be excluded from? Needless to say, Protestant church leaders on the basis of their “Christian values and beliefs” opposed the nomination.

Tutu: God is not Christian

“I shay, which ish the other shide of the shtreet?” The pedestrian, somewhat nonplussed, replied, “That side, of course!” The drunk said, “Shtrange. When I wash on that shide, they shaid it wash thish shide.”

TEC bishop election process explained to UK readers

How do the C of E and TEC methods of selecting/electing compare? Earlier in the week readers of The Times of London Article of Faith were treated to a Jim Naughton guest post giving part of the answer. As promised it is now available over at the Cafe’s Daily Episcopalian blog.

Persecution of Anglicans in Zimbabwe continues

Wednesday night the black boots came, rounded everyone up and took them to Highlands Police Station, where they are detained as I write this email. In all they have arrested 16 people, including priests and three ladies, one of who is Fr Julius Zimbudzana’s mother. I am still to get the names of all who were arrested. ~ The bishop of Harare

National Cathedral receives Park Service grant

Washington National Cathedral has received a $700,000 grant from the Department of the Interior’s National Park Service, through the “Save America’s Treasures” grant program. The Cathedral received these funds for its significant role as an historic national treasure associated with the great events, ideas and individuals that contribute to the nation’s history and culture.

Another week, another sex abuse case in the CoE

A Chelmsford Diocese statement said: “This suspension is without prejudice. The Church of England follows established policies and procedures and training programmes in child protection. We are holding all those who may be affected by the situation in our prayers and are providing pastoral care to Rev Hanson and the parish.”