Day: May 29, 2011

Accounting for clergy infidelity

Imagine _______ had been unfaithful to their spouse. Do you think it would be legitimate for the media to report this, or do you think they should be entitled to keep the matter private?

Oprahfied spirituality

I have my doubts, too: doubts that naturally arise when, say, her magazine hawks both the philosophy of voluntary simplicity and $185 beach blankets without a smidgen of irony.

Another Advocate

I will confer the grace of the Holy Spirit, he says, so that you may always have it with you to teach you the truth. He speaks of another Advocate, as of another instructor, a comforter. This is a doctrine for those in dire straits because the Spirit, through its grace, will make the afflictions inflicted on them by people lighter. And, as a consolation, through its gifts, it will enable them to easily endure their afflictions