Day: May 27, 2011

ARCIC III ends first meeting

The Anglican – Roman Catholic International Commission has completed the first meeting of its new phase, known as ARCIC III. The group includes an Episcopal priest who teaches at Durham University and is a canon residentiary in the Church of England.

Anglican Covenant Week: The covenant before us is not the covenant we need

The Anglican Communion is a legacy of imperialism that decimated the natural resources of a significant portion of what is now the third world where people remain mired in economic slavery until Jesus returns. A covenant that acknowledged these international realities would be a document radical and gospel-truth-telling enough to be worthy of calling a covenant. Such a covenant is not on the table.

The church in England

King Ethelbert was as good as his word. Upon his return to Canterbury, he gave orders that a suitable house should be prepared for the reception of the missionaries, that a table should be kept for them at his own expense, and that no obstacles should be put in the way of their preaching. In due time St. Augustine and his companions quitted Thanet for Canterbury, and entered the city in the same solemn order which had been observed in approaching the king in Thanet