Day: May 21, 2011

Managing parishioner migration

As the Spring starts to turn into Summer, parishes in the warmer climates are waving goodbye to their winter-time members. And northern congregations are waving hello. The strong seasonal differences between the sizes of congregations presents some challenges to people left behind.

A brief history of the end of the world

As this is posted, it is now Sunday morning in New Zealand. Harold Camping has been predicting that world should have started ending at 6 PM Saturday. This is latest in a series of failed predictions of the end of the world.

Revisiting Evelyn Underhill: the Centennial Year of Mysticism

What is fascinating about Mysticism, and a thread through all of Underhill’s writing, is her simple insistence that spiritual experience is about God, and not (primarily) about our own internal psychology or makeup. A thoughtful and well-reasoned Christian apologist, she is unapologetic about insisting on the “reality” of God as the ground of mystical experience.

Puritan mission

Puritan missionary activity was not an early form of the aggressive evangelism so familiar to twentieth-century Americans. As several scholars have observed, the Massachusetts charter enjoined the planters to “win and incite the natives to . . . the Christian faith” through “your good life and orderly conversation.”